2018-04-26 20:16:04

Ford will refuse passenger cars

Ford Mustang pic

Ford has a colossal change in the model line to the US market. The company's new plan states that sedans and hatchbacks will give way to the use of SUVs with pickup trucks.

The lineup of the brand until 2020 will be basing on road cars only Mustang and Focus Active. The reason for this situation is a decrease in consumer demand, which affects profit. Americans will stop investing in the creation of new 3-volumes. Since 2020 the popular company will include by 90% one pickup truck and commercial vehicles.

Another manufacturer is thinking about the possible release of transport, where there will be a high landing and spacious lounges. The strategy implies the emergence of hybrid models F-150, Mustang, Explorer, Escape and Bronco. In addition, "Ford" will mass production of new generations of electric cars.

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