2013-05-01 11:55:44

Alfa Romeo MiTo Might be Going to North America

Alfa Romeo MiTo Might be Going to North America

As Alfa Romeo wants to come back to America in the near future, the Italian brand is currently thinks over plans for its next-gen MiTo, which could be bound for America.

The MiTo, which is short for Milano-Torino, will get a fresh design for the 2016 model year. But the administration of Alfa Romeo plans on going with it hasn’t been determined. Its design will play a main role in whether or not the car will appear on US ground.

Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne plans the next-gen MiTo to make it to America once it’s constructed on the new Fiat base that underpins the 500L. The main question is whether it’ll go on being a fun, three-door hatch, which isn’t a viable option for going all over the world, or become a MINI Paceman competitor as a compact crossover propsal.

As for what will enhance the new MiTo, rumor has it that the initial car will have a two-cylinder, TwinAir turbo engine taken from Fiat. It’ll generate around 100 hp and can go on either biofuel or natural gas. Brand-new MiTo will be equipped with a four-cylinder, turbocharged powerplant with upwards of 200 hp while a plug-in hybrid version is also being discussed.

Surely, the chances of the MiTo making it to America will be possible on how well the brand does once it’s back in America. In the end, it’ll all have to make financial profit to the car brand.