2017-07-26 13:39:54

A Rival For Aston Martin Valkyrie From Ferrari

Aston Martin Valkyrie pic

The coming-soon Valkyrie from Aston Martin should be a jaw-dropping unit.

We were informed that the unit will have more than 1,000 hp. It will weigh 2,270 pounds only. The car will maintain legality on most public roads. Ferrari and McLaren should be quick to manufacture their competitors.

Alex Imnadze Baldini has designed a Ferrari that could rival with Aston Martin. The designer also worked on the outstanding Apple Eve sports vehicle concept. His new project is called the Concept P3 \ Scuderia Baldini. The hypercar takes the inspiration from the famous P3 from Ferrari that appeared in the late ‘60’s and early ‘70s. It comes with its own futuristic styling.

The grille and hood remind of the original P3. LED headlamps are sleek and the wheels are sharp. A central fin jutting out from the roof gives more downforce and stability at speed.

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