2017-03-23 14:07:41

An EV Will Replace Aston Martin's Sedan

Aston Martin Rapide pic

The Aston Martin Rapide with be replaced by the other offering.

The report states that the Rapide will be axed. The company states that the model will live on as it is still core to the range. So, the petrol-powered twelve-cylinder Rapide will not be axed. The fully electric RapidE should be presented in 2018 together with the DBX crossover.

The automaker’s CEO said that the petrol-powered unit is not long for this world. Customers who want to obtain a regular petrol powertrain will have to look towards the latest Lagonda or DBX crossover.

As to the RapidE, it should provide 800 hp thankfully to a powerplant that was created together with Williams Advanced Engineering.

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