2017-04-07 13:07:36

Aston Martin Is Getting Ready To Come Up With A New SUV

Aston Martin DBX Concept pic

Aston Martin DBX will start its production in 2019.

The producer from Britain hosted a special ceremony launching Phase II of the MOD St Athan’s redevelopment. This facility located in South Wales will be the manufacturer’s 2nd U.K. plant for producing cars. It will also become the home of the DBX.

The former military site was acquired by Aston Martin from the Ministry of Defence with the help of Secretary of State Sir Michael Fallon. We remind you that Phase I began in 2016 when the company came up with the customer and staff reception areas, the employee restaurant, administration and management offices.

Phase II supposes the 3 super hangars reconstructed into a state-of-the-art facility for manufacturing. Thankfully to the investment into St Athan, there will be 1,000 new working places for people across the company’s 2 manufacturing sites by 2020.

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