2017-06-30 21:52:00

New Aston Martin Vantage Could Be Revealed By A Patent Application

Aston Martin DB11 pic

A patent application that was discovered by AutoGuide.com might disclose the styling of the new Vantage from Aston Martin.

The aforementioned fillings appeared this week and were submitted with Japan’s patent office. They present a styling sketch for a small 2-door front engine sports vehicle from Aston Martin. We don’t know for sure now if these fillings will materialize into the product. However, the current model has been present since 2005.

The producer is keen on this concrete design. The styling reminds of the track-only Vulcan and thin taillamps that look like the ones on the DB11. Sporting things are mounted with a vented hood and an aggressive diffuser at the back.

The next-gen Vantage should be equipped with a shortened variant of the DB11’s aluminium chassis.

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