2017-02-20 14:22:39

Paparazzi Caught Aston Martin DB11 S

Aston Martin DB11 pic

The DB11 from Aston Martin was presented last year in Geneva. The beautiful grand tourer is out for testing in a hotter specification. It will probably acquire the “S” suffix.

The beefier coupe was caught by spies beside the DB11 Volante in Sweden. The coupe tried to hide away few body tweaks.

At the front you will find a prominent spoiler lip inbound for the S variant and a more aggressive style with a bigger enclosure. You will see hood latches, however, they will not be used for the production offering.

The automaker is tweaking the vents up front fenders. The DB11 S will also receive a couple of bigger side skirts. The air intakes will be placed at the base of the C-pillar. They were hidden from the spies. At the rear end it was possible to see a large diffuser.

We don’t know at the moment how much extra power the 5.2-litre biturbo twelve-cylinder unit will provide. The regular output is 600 hp.

The model under consideration should come out in the 2nd part of the next year after the arrival of the DB11 Volante (that will happen next spring).

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