2016-09-19 13:13:17

The DB11 Convertible From Aston Martin Will Come Out In Spring Of 2018

Aston Martin DB11 pic

The DB11 convertible from Aston Martin will debut in 2018.

The teased vehicle has got an official name. It is the Aston Martin DB11 Volante. The producer from Great Britain uploaded 3 photos of the convertible version on the Facebook page. We have seen a soft-top roof and the sleek body lines of the DB11 coupe.

The company showed off pictures of the rear part, so we suppose that the front end will be changed.

Powerplant will be the same as in the coupe. The engine produces 600 hp and torque of 516 pound-feet. The coupe can sprint from 0-62 in 3.9 seconds and up to 200 mph. The Volante variant should be slower in acceleration and feature a lower top speed. Everything is because the added weight of the convertible.

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