2017-08-09 13:47:17

5-Door Liftback From 2019 Audi

Audi A3 pic

The next-gene A3 from Audi should lose its 3-door hatch body style.

Audi officials confirmed the version’s demise to Autocar. The decision came because of the declining sales for the A3 3-door as well as for the 3-door hatchbacks in general.

The 3-door A3 was sold for the last time in 2011. That was in Australia.

The A4 is growing ever larger. Good sales have been spotted is America and China. The A3 range will again feature a 4-door sedan. It should be bigger than the current vehicle. It should be marketed in 2020.

The liftback can wear the Sportback name. It is used on the 5-door hatchback now.

If it receives the green light, the A3 liftback can be presented sometime by 2021.

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