2018-06-15 18:01:10

A new teaser was shown a part of Audi A1

A new teaser was shown a part of Audi A1

In theory, Audi soon will present and completely declassify own smallest car.

In confirmation of this fact the company has brought a second teaser. The picture shows a bit of the exterior of the car and most likely Audi showed the A1 Sportback hatchback in the S-Line version.

By the way, the first teaser from the German company demonstrated the interior, namely, the central console with a huge screen IRS. On the displays, a person drew a finger on the inscription Barcelona, ​​so the touch screen can recognize hand-written commands. Plus, it's Barcelona that can become the place of debut of the model.

We add that the new generation Audi A1 will be assembled not in Belgian Brussels, but in the Spanish Martorell. They say that the company will not make a 3-door modification of the car.