2017-08-29 14:37:09

Audi Will Use Power Ratings Instead Of Engine Displacement Badges

Audi A8 pic

Audi stated about a change in branding model versions. Starting from the 4th-gen A8, the automaker will ditch engine displacement names and use a 2-digit power rating number.

Here is an example. The number 30 will be on vehicles between 81 kW and 96 kW. The number 45 will be on offerings with between 169 kW and 185 kW. And teh number 70 will mean that the car has more than 400 kW.

The power rating will be followed by the drivetrain type. Turbo-diesel engines will be called TDI, turbocharged petrol engines will be called TFSI, fully electric or hybrid offerings will be called e-tron and cars with compressed natural gas will be called g-tron.

The names will start embodying when sales of the latest A8 commence begin in Europe. The next-gen A8 with the 310 kW six-cylinder diesel offering will be branded as the A8 50 TDI and the 250 kW six-cylinder petrol offering will be branded as the A8 55 TFSI.

Existing cars will go on as is till the new model year changeover next summer.

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