2017-12-11 15:27:45

Audi showed a copy of the secret test stand

Audi showed a copy of the secret test stand

The company Audi demonstrated the installation of the Motherboard, which was previously classified. The presentation took place as part of the Design Miami 2017 event, which closes its doors to the public today.

Audi Motherboard is a test bench designed for testing components. This happens at various stages of auto brand production. Visitors and visitors to the exhibition in Miami were able to see firsthand the painstaking approach of the brand engineers to the creation of cars.

The Audi Motherboard system consists of three circuit boards, which are control units. With their help, you can check the compatibility of software and hardware, after which the car can be sent to mass production or to wait with it.

It is worth noting that the Audi Motherboard tested a luxury sedan Audi A8, which is named among the first in the world of production cars that are equipped with high-level autopilot. The stand is intended to demonstrate to the public the achievements of the German concern in this field.