2018-07-18 20:24:36

Declassified the restyling Audi TT coupe

Declassified the restyling Audi TT coupe

The official debut of an updated version of Audi TT left a little, because there were photos of new items.

A fresh leak of images demonstrates the novelty of Audi in all glory.

Low-quality photos were distributed to Instagram user @ tts_freunde.de. As you can see, a compact 2-door with upgrades got a radiator with 6-corner sections like RS4 and RS5. Back in the compartment, there was a different front bumper in the style of the same models, but there is another lower section.

Behind the car there is another bumper with air intakes and another pseudo diffuser pad placed under the bumper. Optics remained unchanged.

There was no update inside. Alas, so far there is no information on the technical characteristics of the novelty.