2017-08-31 13:50:52

Duplicate VINs on Audi Cars

Duplicate VINs on Audi Cars pic

According to the reports, Audi would allegedly export thousands of cars to Asia with the same VINs. It was stated that the automaker exported the cars to Korea, China or Japan.

A VIN is something that has to be unique. It is a 17-digit identifier stamped onto every car. VIN helps tracking the car over the course of its life. German and EU laws require that each car has an exclusive VIN. It has to remain unique for a car for 30 years at least.

According to spokesperson at Audi, they know nothing about that fact.

There was an investigation at the company’s offices for documents that have to deal with the Dieselgate scandal that touched VW Group 2 years ago. In June a report suggested that Audi cheated on diesel emission regulations on 2009 to 2013 A7 and A8 offerings.

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