2017-10-09 01:58:40

Leaked Scale Model reveals Design Of 2018 Audi A7

Audi A7 pic

The styling of the innovated A7 from Audi has been largely revealed as the pictures of the tiny versions of the car leaked on the Web.

AutoWeek.nl originally posted them. They display the front and sides of the 2nd-gen A7 Sportback from Audi.

Spy snaps showed the A7 and S7 with a design that reminds of the 1st-gen vehicle and the Prologue series of concept vehicles.

At the front the new offering features a wider single-frame enclosure. It also has thin headlamp housing. The last one is backed by a set of LEDs.

There was no an image of the rear part.

We suppose that the innovated A7 from Audi will have a sportier look.

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