2017-08-24 20:18:27

Maximization Of A Hybrid's Electric Motor From Audi

Maximization Of A Hybrid's Electric Motor From Audi pic

The technology means lower tailpipe emissions and more efficient use of the electric motor and combustion engine.

According to a new patent registration, the company has found method of finding a hybrid car’s most efficient navigation route. The tech can be adjusted depending on the version’s current operation and the predicted future.

The producer’s navigation system should examine the intended route and find a way to maximize the use of the electric mill on the route. The technology should be aware of the combustion engine’s ability to charge the battery.

Here is an example. The navigation can offer an option for a route that would engage only the battery and one utilizing both the electric car and combustion drivetrains. A driver will be able to choose a point during the route from which he or she wants to use the electric motor only.

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