2014-04-01 14:09:44

Possible Sedan Modification of Audi TT

Audi TT pic

Audi made it clear that the new TT sports car would not remain the sole modification, and, judging from the current information, the company will mull over a sedan.

Speculations on the matter began right after the 2015 TT presentation. The brand announced that appearance of new modifications was very possible; crossover was mentioned as a likely variant. Apart from that, family car and sedan offerings are not ruled out. The rationale behind such activities probably suggests a market research done by Audi according to which sports coupe have lost their gloss and gave way to compact cars. Such data is supported by brand’s selling figures: compact A3 featured a 56,000-unit boost year-to-year and Q3 presented even a more stunning increase of almost 50% in 2013.

Prudence of Audi’s consideration is also competition-affected: if TT is turned into a compact sedan, it will fight for customers of the same focus group as CLA-Class hot novelty from Mercedes-Benz. Nevertheless, all these assumption remain unofficial while Audi is still monitoring the sales results of A3 in America.

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