2017-06-02 16:28:10

Reconsider SUV Coupes Thankfully To Audi Q8 Render

Audi Q8 pic

We remind you that Audi has already previewed its Q8 along with several concepts.

Website called OmniAuto has came up with a plausible styling of the exterior for the controversial SUV-coupe mashup. There were lots of shots from paparazzi. They showed prototypes with camo while testing on the Nürburgring. These shots were taken into consideration while designing the speculative render.

The 1st-ever Q8 is manufactured at VAG’s factory located in Bratislava (Slovakia), just as the Q7 is. Obviously, it is going to become the automaker’s most valuable SUV in the range. It should be priced at around $112,000 for the luxury variants.

By the way, now an RS Q8 does not look like such a crazy thing considering that Audi Sport has already stated its intentions to bolster the RS portfolio in future years by creating more SUVs.

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