2017-01-03 17:51:45

See 2019 A1 From Audi

Audi A1 pic

Will the automaker play a game of spot the differences with the future A1’s exterior? It looks like the answer is yes.

The 2nd-gen smallest Audi’s vehicle was spotted during winter testing on Scandinavian roads. The car’s evolutionary styling was hidden under a thin layer of camouflage. It looks like the people from Ingolstadt will play it safe with the design and there will be no too drastic changes in comparison with the previous model.

We still managed to see certain changes. The side mirrors have been replaced. Now they are located a little bit higher, next to the A-pillars. The taillights are wider as well as the singleframe enclosure at the front. The window line looks more angular at the rear doors now.

The test vehicle featured a couple of halogen headlights. The next A1 will probably be offered with the all-LED headlamps option as there are rumours saying that the supermini should go further upmarket. The automaker wants to axe the 3-door offering and market the innovated A1 only in more practical 5-door Sportback guise.

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