2018-06-26 16:18:11

2020 BMW X6 pictured by paparazzi in Spartanburg

BMW X6 pic

When BMW introduced the X6 concept in 2007, it was clear that the serial version of the E71 would soon appear.

The second generation came in 2015, and in the summer of next year the third generation X6 will come as a 2020 model with the code name G06. F16 was launched in 2014, and according to rumors, the second generation X6 should go "off the stage" in July 2019. Speaking of the upcoming replacement, G06, who got to the photoshoots, left the gate of the plant in Spartanburg (USA), hence the license plate of South Carolina on the rear bumper.

The design of the front panel should not be a surprise; the beginner shares an oversized radiator grille with the X5. G05 was discovered in early June, and, as with all X models starting from X3, it is available in Spartanburg. At the start in G05 a pair of petrol and two diesel engines (xDrive40i, xDrive50i, xDrive30d, M50d) are available. Each of these blocks will come and on G06. But the back of the X6 is inspired by the X4 model. Even the rear lights seem somewhat similar, albeit on a different scale, given that one is a medium-sized model and the other is a compact one. It is expected that the rear-drive sDrive40i will join the line to reduce the starting price to a competitive point.

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