2018-06-29 12:58:33

24-carat gold completely covered BMW i3 and i8

24-carat gold completely covered BMW i3 and i8

In the Czech office BMW presented an exclusive version of the electric i3 and hybrid i8 - Starlight Edition.

A special feature of cars is the style, created by the artist Miroslav Shpichak and designer Zoltan Matushka. Machines received a 2-color body color with gold-plated, 24 carat.

BMWBlog informs that the improvements on i3 and i8 were carried out together with the company Toplac - it's the official partner of BMW in the Czech Republic, as well as the representative of BASF.

The car was covered with 4 layers of gold, and the last layer was applied manually. To give a visual depth, the body part of the machines also received 6 layers of original paint. Gold appeared in the cars: trim of the deflectors of the climate system, central tunnel, logo on steering wheel. Another salon of each car has a sign with the inscription "STARLIGHT Edition one of one".

By the way, all done for 1 copy of the BMW i3 and i8 Starlight Edition. Models can be purchased at one of the charity auctions.