2018-01-31 17:03:39

BMW 2-Series Gran Coupe Caught Testing in the Arctic Circle

BMW 2-Series Coupe pic

BMW is preparing for the future Mercedes A-Class Sedan with the 2-Series Gran Coupe. 

The unit has been caught by paparazzi during testing in the Arctic Circle. The compact high-end sedan used lots of snow as camouflage in the rear part. The car should be presented ahead of the end of 2018. The 2-Series Gran Coupe will be equipped with an FWD chassis reminding of the one in the Mercedes CLA. BMW is also going to offer AWD versions. The UKL2 architecture will be underpinning the unit. 

The power will be received from a row of V3 and V4 engines. BMW should offer an M Performance unit, but for the customers with a sportier driving experience and more performance desires.

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