2016-11-28 14:00:58

BMW 5 Series Van With Ugly Purple Fur Interior

BMW 5-series pic

The right-hand-drive “518ish” model with lowered ride height as well as side mirrors that are placed on the front fenders should be the ultimate workhorse driving beast. It can be obtained for £2,750 should you want a van with very loud side exhaust tips and 17-inch Corvette wheels.

Obviously, its condition is not that great. There are rust signs and probably the kidney enclosure is missing. The vehicle’s white body is contrasted by a “purple sparkle” roof, as the seller calls it. Meanwhile the BMW hood logo and the lower front enclosure have also got purple accents.

The interior.... what can be said about the interior? It’s only one word: abomination. Purple fur covers most of the centre console and dashboard and the door panels. This modified 5 Series is hardly perceived by the eyes. The helm is glitzy and dipped in purple as well. The same story is with the gear knob and 5-speed manual gearbox. You will also find a fur carpet at the back.

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