2017-09-13 16:54:24

BMW Individual For 25th Anniversary Features High-End Style

BMW 7-series pic

The BMW M760Li draws its inspiration from Nautor’s Swan.

During more than 50 years Nautor’s Swan has spread beyond the world of sailing. BMW says that it is a synonym to high-end and high-performance yachts. When the automaker decided to celebrate the 25th anniversary with a special M760Li, it was set to draw inspiration from Nautor’s Swan. The car producer from Germany and the yacht designer and manufacturer from Finland have been partners for years. Their latest cooperation gave birth to the one-off sedan.

Nautor’s Swan helped to create some elements by hand at the workshop that is located in the west of Finland. Those include teak panels with joints filled with a fine layer of rubber. Inside the unit you will see entry sills, the trim and floor rugs make with teak manufactured by Nautor’s Swan.

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