2017-01-30 19:24:06

BMW M3 Gets A Slight Facelift

BMW M3 Gets A Slight Facelift

Just like the 4 Series from BMW and M4 offerings, the M3 has got a facelift. The vehicle’s photographs leaked on the Web before its official presentation.

The automaker incorporated new headlamps with more LED bars in order to emphasize the joint of the famous kidney enclosures and the lights. The rear part of the vehicle has not been changed. The illuminated M3 logo has been slightly reworked on the passenger and driver seats. Just like the M4, the refresh is only a cosmetic one. There were no performance enhancements.

In such a way, it features 425 hp in regular trim, however the Competition Pack boosts it up to 444 hp. More info should appear once the producer announces it officially.

According to the BMW Blog, the facelift will air this March.