2017-12-13 14:51:27

BMW M8 Will Come Out Next Year - Confirmed By Boss

BMW M8 pic

BMW has told about the existence of a high-performance M version of the revived 8 Series. The automaker’s boss has stated that the top-range unit will debut next year.

Up till now the rumours suggested that the road-going M8 will be disclosed in 2019. The racing version of the aforementioned car will compete at the Daytona 24 Hours in January for the first time.

There is still not enough info about the powertrain for both eth eM8 and 8 Series. It could be the bi-turbo 4.4-litre eight-cylinder from the M5. The unit produces 600 hp and torque of 552 pound-feet.

The producer from Germany considers extensive electrification in the near future, stated the boss. By 2025 BMW should have 25 electrified offerings with 12 fully EVs among them. This will influence an electric Mini in 2019. The X3 will see it in 2020. The iNext will face it in 2021.

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