2017-06-07 15:43:03

BMW Will Remain With A Steering Wheel, Always

BMW Will Remain With A Steering Wheel, Always

Vehicle producers are quickly being forced o diversify into becoming mobility providers and tech brands. However, BMW is sure it will remain with the steering wheel despite that push. 

This look a little bit contrary to the company’s Strategy NEXT. The concept first debuted at the automaker’s 100th anniversary celebration last year. Digitisation and electrification were stated ass instrumental details of the future seeing of driver assistance technology. 

However, the manufacturer says that there will be always place for a person in it (meaning for the driver). 

Ian Robertson assured that they still have an excitement for driving. His statement is obviously supported by the revival of the 8 Series nameplate. The cool grand tourer also proves this as well as the ongoing growth of the M Performance sub-brand.