2018-10-08 17:53:22

BMW i3 lost own range of power reserve

BMW i3 lost own range of power reserve

BMW has finished producing the i3 electric car, which has a reserve power increase.

This element is a 647-cc 2-cylinder gasoline engine, which acts as a generator to recharge the batteries.

As Autocar say, now the car will be sold only with an electrical installation. Opt out of the option with the internal combustion engine had to be due to the appearance of an improved variation of i3, which introduced increased-capacity batteries.

The debut show restyled BMW i3 was held last week in Paris. The stock of batteries was no longer 33 kWh and 94 Ah, but 44.2 kWh with 120 Ah. The batteries are recharged from a simple outlet to 80% in 15 hours, but using the i Wallbox special systems, 80% are reached 3 hours and 20 minutes. The BMW i3 will travel up to 310 km without charging through the new WLTP cycle. Sports S-version will cover a maximum of 285 km.