2018-11-30 18:39:43

BMW i8 hybrid became a patrol car

BMW i8 hybrid became a patrol car

AC Schnitzer tuning studio prepared a patrol car with the basis of the BMW i8 hybrid.

The coupe was created under TUNE IT! SAFE! tuning program.

The concept of a police car VDAT participants shows the world every year. Now AC Schnitzer made their choice in the direction of i8, calling the car the most technologically advanced in the BMW lineup. First, police i8 hybrid was lowered by 20 mm on the suspension, after which a brand new set of springs was tested at the Nurburgring. Another sports car is equipped with forged wheels by 21 inches, which are 4.4 kg lighter than standard wheels.

A patrol car was also prepared with an aerodynamic body kit with carbon fiber inserts, which includes a front spoiler, canards, a huge rear wing, as well as a 3-part diffuser.