2018-02-27 19:13:26

BMW iX3 electric SUV was taken to tests without camouflage

BMW X3 pic

Electric crossover BMW iX3, was brought to the test again, but this time the manufacturers decided to do without camouflage.

Moreover, they have issued one of the doors with a sign saying that it is an electric prototype of the car. The crossover has no exhaust pipe connections, so there is no reason to doubt that this is a more environmentally friendly version. We saw independent experts on the car and a port for charging the car. Upon closer examination, the upgraded front panel was also noticed.

There’s no information about the technical capabilities of the crossover BMW iX3. Specialists continue to speculate on the topic: there will be in the car two or one electric motor. They are also interested in what the aggregate power of the unit will be, and how far the cross-country can go on one charge. Meanwhile, it became known earlier about the diesel scandal around the company BMW. Electric cars are becoming increasingly popular among drivers around the world. Not surprisingly, many automotive giants simply could not stay away from innovation.

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