2017-03-20 11:21:09

Completely Autonomous Level 5 Vehicle From BMW Will Come Out by 2021

BMW 5-series pic

Expect the Ultimate Passenger Machine to come out sometime soon.

Autonomous car development at BMW is taking its spins. The automaker has stated that its 1st-ever completely autonomous unit will be launched by 2021. It was revealed that the car will be capable of Level 3, 4 and 5 autonomy.

Last July the company disclosed its collaboration with Intel and Mobileye. BMW has also presented an autonomous 5 Series prototype this January as a part of the partnership.

According to the Bavarian producer, drivers will not only remove their hands off the helm, but their eyes from the road as well. At Level 4 even the mind can be “off”. In such a way, the vehicle becomes a thing for work or leisure. The company is going to reach a “driver off” Level 5 with time. Then there will be no necessity of human’s presence inside the car as all operations will be performed by the vehicle.

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