2017-05-03 20:24:30

More Accessories For 2017 BMW 5 Series

BMW 5-series pic

Customers who own BMW 5 Series can now accessorize their high-end sedans in America.

The Bavarian brand has revealed prices for the collection of M performance details for the latest 5 Series.

Price for the M Performance details differ depending on what you’re looking at. It can vary starting from $109 9for blacked-out front kidney enclosures) to $5,250 9for M Performance style 669M wheels in Orbit Grey or matte Black).

Carbon fibber goodies include wing mirror caps (for $413), real spoiler (for $588), front splitter (for 1,290) and rear diffuser (for 1,550). Side skirt extensions will be $175, side skirt decals will be $193.

Upgraded braking performance comes at $3,370. Customers, who want a throatier exhaust, can purchase the company’s m Performance exhaust for $1,975.

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