2017-12-22 23:10:27

The first pre-series photos of the new crossover BMW X7

BMW X7 pic

Concern BMW first showed the appearance of its flagship crossover X7. Published teaser photographs show part of the finished vehicles on the conveyor line.

The BMW X7 will be presented to the public in the near future. According to preliminary information - at the end of 2017. It is believed that the company decided to warm up the expectations of customers, releasing a photo of the crossover without camouflage on the assembly line. However, the entire vehicle cannot be seen in the photo.

It is known that the hybrid version of the elite crossover will be taken from the BMW 7-Series. The model is able to develop up to 326 horsepower. However, it is assumed that the car will also receive a wide line of six- and eight-cylinder engines. A model with a V12 engine is expected. Earlier it was reported that BMW Concern had disclosed all plans for the expansion of the electric car market until 2025. The fans of the brand are already actively discussing the forthcoming novelty in social networks. In many ways, it's still the same favorite brand, but with new chips and features.

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