2016-10-19 15:35:02

X3 eDrive From BMW Will Come Out In 2018

BMW X3 pic

BMW decided the strategy for electrical vehicles at its executive meeting. It was stated that some EVs will come out. The company will fly to Tesla and present cars in several segments similar to the automaker located in California.

A completely electric 3 Series is supposed to come out in 2019-2021. The model will be placed between the Tesla Model 3 and high-end Models S. The reports suggest that the German automaker will make most of the sedan’s chassis and fit a n innovated front along with rear suspension. The producer should also offer the sedan a rear-wheel drive variant with 315 hp and AWD with 402 hp.

BMW will also aim at the Model S with a 4-door coupe. This one should take place between the 5 and 7 series. Just like Tesla, the German company should offer this version with lots of battery capacities. According to the rumours, a 90-kWh variant will help to produce 375 miles of range.

The automaker from Germany wants to work on the burgeoning market with high-end electrical vehicles. The electric variant of the X3 has already been confirmed. Automobile suggests that this one should come out in the second part of 2018. The regular variant has to come out a year earlier.

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