2017-11-21 15:43:34

X5 From BMW Will Miss Facelift, Expect Next-Gen Offering Next Summer

BMW X5 pic

The X5 from BMW has been on the market for almost 20 years now. The SUV has experienced lots of makeovers since that time.

One of them took place 11 years ago and the latest one happened 3 years ago. To honour the SUV’s 10th anniversary, the producer from Germany will miss the regular facelift for an entirely new platform. 

It was reported that the new X5 from BMW will come out next summer. It will be followed by a market launch next autumn. The current F15 X5 should end its production at the company’s factory in Spartanburg (South Carolina) next July. The innovated offering will come out shortly after that. 

The current X5 will be replaced after only 5 years. It will forgo the regular mid-life refresh provided for most of the company’s offerings. It also makes it one of the fastest turnarounds within the range. The replacement should be completely new.

Paparazzi have caught some snaps displaying an early look at the upgraded SUV. It is possible to see its new front fascia ranging from the headlamps to the dual kidney enclosure and also the profile. 

The innovated X5 will be equipped with the brand’s modular CLAR platform. It is also used for vehicles like the 7 Series.

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