2017-08-24 20:14:32

Bugatti Delivers Unique Yellow Chiron to First Customer in the USA

Bugatti Chiron pic

The American businessman became the happy owner of the hypercar Bugatti Chiron. The buyer was a millionaire who owns a supermarket chain.

Within the automotive week in American Pebble Beach, California, the public premiere of the new Bugatti Chiron hypercar, equipped with a 1500-horsepower engine, was held. It is noteworthy that the hypercar after the exhibition will go to its customer, and the cost of the model is at least $ 3,000,000.

American automotive blogger The Stradman on his channel in YouTube published a video that demonstrates the "unpacking" of a completely new hypercar Bugatti Chiron. The blogger notes that the hypercar was ordered by the owner of one of the supermarket chains, and the cost of the first car delivered to the US is widely believed to be significantly different from all subsequent models. It is worth noting that the customer of the new Bugatti Chiron chose for his car a yellow-black finish of the body, which is a reference to the classic models of the Bugatti brand. The yellow color starts at the front of the body and covers the wheels, and the roof and rear of the car are black. As for the interior design, then Bugatti Chiron received a yellow leather trim, which found a place on the seats and the center console, all the other elements of the interior got a black color.

The Bugatti Chiron edition will be only 500 units, but most of the print run is already sold out. It is noted that more than 30% of all cars of the line will go to the USA.

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