2018-05-14 16:48:39

China has become the place where sells for $ 5,000 a copy Bugatti Chiron

Bugatti Chiron pic

Chinese Shandong Qilu Fengde was created a full-fledged clone of Bugatti Chiron, wich named P8.

The car is considered an electric vehicle, and it is classified as LSEV. It turns out, in China, such cars are allowed to drive without a driver's license.

The novelty has an electric motor for 3.35 "horses". Another car had a 72-volt battery. Maximum P8 develops 50 km / h speed. At one charge, the car will travel 150 kilometers. The battery is charging for 10 hours.

The Chinese P8 is inferior in size to the supercar Bugatti Chiron. The length of the Chinese is 4.1 m, width - 1.8 m. The saloon received a digital "device" with a 7-inch multimedia sensor. The price of the issue of buying a car is $ 5040.

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