2017-12-30 02:49:38

The rare supercar Bugatti will be sold on auction

Bugatti EB 110 pic

In the famous auction house Sotheby's received for the auction the prototype of the supercar Bugatti EB110 SS 1993.

Sale of cars will be held in Paris. The machine is made in a unique factory variation. Its mileage is 3,300 km, and they want to receive 850,000 - 1,100,000 euro for it. We add that only 36 such cars appeared on the light.

They differ from the standard versions of the model as follows: our hero was rear-wheel drive, after all the tests he was provided with an all-wheel drive system with motors from the prototype EB110 GT - the 1992 record holder in speed (342.7 km / h). Another prototype got a second petrol tank (1 for each row of cylinders V-shaped unit) and a single filler neck. There is also a modified PP lever with a motor cover made of carbon fiber. The engine in the Bugatti EB110 SS is the V12 3.5 for 4 turbines in 611 horsepower. and 647 Nm. "Hundred" is taken for 3.3 seconds, "maximum" is equal to 355 km / h.

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