2014-09-09 12:43:14

Style Cruise Will be Added to Cadillac Models in 2017

Style Cruise Will be Added to Cadillac Models in 2017

Specified Cadillac models will be able to communicate with each other in 2016 and a half-autonomous driving will be provided for certain models in three years.

After stating that innovation movement captured the automobile production, Barra revealed that the company is springing forward in order to preserve their top position in creating new technologies. He meant that they are doing this spring because of the customer’s desires and that it is possible to secure driving through innovations and different technologies.

The automaker is going to offer a “connected and intelligent” technology for its customers. Super Cruise, a special technology assist for drivers will be included in the vehicles in 2017. The American company announced at the ITS World Congress which was held in Detroit that its 2017 Cadillac CTS will have a communication technology called vehicle-to-vehicle. The company states that GM’s automated technology for driving (the working name of which is Super Cruise) will be presented with speed control and braking control for specified conditions on the highways. It will also be equipped with a hands-off following of the lane technology.

Traffic collisions will be reduced with the help of V2V, a special technology for communicating. This will be amounted through a possibility of receiving and sending safety information, for example, speed, location and direction what will improve traffic conditions. Moreover, it can be a supplementing warning for drivers together with warning about possible collisions.