2015-03-30 14:33:17

2016 Chevrolet Malibu Expects 250K Sales per Year

Chevrolet Malibu pic

General Motors is going to sell 250,000 Malibu models per year after the arrival of its new generation.

The American producer will premiere its 2016 Chevrolet Malibu next week at the 2015 Auto Show in New York. Success is expected. According to Reuters, GM ordered suppliers to get ready to sell 250,000 cars per year. This will be a 33% increase since back in 2014 the automaker has sold 188,519 vehicles. The producer also wants its suppliers to jump up to 300,000 items per year. Last autumn General Motors shared with analysts that it is aiming to sell 225,000 Malibu cars for 2016.

The model will also bring a significant profit. It will make $1,500 more per car than the earlier offerings. In such a way, the latest car will create a projection for General Motors of at minimum $450 million in additional profit. The Malibu has competed with Hyundai Sonata, Chrysler 200, Ford Fusion, Volkswagen Passat and Nissan Altima for years, but even the manufacturer agrees that the model can be placed only at the bottom of the list. Steve Majoros, the Chevrolet director of vehicle marketing, appeals for realism. He proved Reuters that they are having the seventh or even the eighth place in the before-mentioned list. The director accounts this fact as a tremendous opportunity for developing and growth.

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