2016-08-31 00:47:37

Bumblebee's Rear Part Spied!

Chevrolet Camaro pic

Next summer’s Transformers: The Last Knight will open some new vehicles to us .

We think you already know that Bumblebee features as wild design at the back as the adjusted Chevrolet Camaro provides for the front part. The hexagonal rear wing has massive outlook. The bumper borrows design elements from the large diffuser. Besides, dual exhaust pipes can be seen from every corner.

It is also possible to see that the front part features more realistic listing. The styling has an understated outlook without visible mesh enclosure and the lights on.

Transformers: The Last Knight will debut in America on June 23 next year. The film is studded with stars. Josh Duhamel, Mark Wahlberg, Anthony Hopkins and lots of robots star in this film.

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