2016-08-10 20:33:52

Self-Driving Chevrolet Bolt Prototypes Will be Tested in Arizona

Chevrolet Bolt EV pic

Do you want to see a self-driving Chevrolet Bolt prototype? Visit Scottsdale (Arizona).

Not long ago General Motors acquired Cruise Automation. The last one shared on Twitter that autonomous tech on Chevrolet Bolt electrical vehicle is being tested. Before General Motors acquired the company, the start-up had been functioning on a retro fit kit mounted on the roof. It can bring self-driving options to lots of Audi cars.

Since General Motors owns Cruise Automation now, the producer fitted the technology on the Chevrolet Bolt right away.

The greater Phoenix (Arizona) is a very popular place for testing self-driving vehicles. Thankfully to the low price of operating in this state and support of the government,  Google tested it’s self-driving vehicle there as well.

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