2017-04-10 15:19:24

Shanghai, Meet Plug-In FNR-X SUV Concept From Chevrolet

Chevrolet FNR pic

Chevrolet has shown a teaser picture of the latest SUV concept called the FNR-X. It will be officially presented at the motor show held in Shanghai this month.

This FNR-X is slightly more conventional than the wild FNR concept of 2 years. It will form the basis of the latest plug-in hybrid electric SUV.

By the way, the front enclosure treatment looks more like the one at a Camaro.

Chinese automotive media reports, that the production variant of the model under consideration will be destined for the lucrative Chinese market and will probably be manufactured in China by Shanghai-GM.

FNR stands for “Find New Roads” and the X has the same meaning as in applied mathematics (unknown)

The concept will be revealed on April 19.

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