2014-02-25 13:35:55

No More 200 Convertible for Chrysler

Chrysler 200 pic

Chrysler 200 sedan will have a future in 2015, while the company decided not to renew the convertible for the next model year.

In spring Chrysler 200 of 2015 model year will become available, but the brand will not present a new convertible to the customers. The sales of the convertible variant of Chrysler 200 in 2013 did not even make 5% of the 122,480 moved items. Thus, the company decided that the expenses of modifying the vehicle will not be returned by the sales.

In order to eliminate inner competition, the American carmaker will also reduce the shares of other modifications. One of the victims of such decision is already known - 2015 Dodge Avenger will not obtain a 200 variant.

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