2014-05-02 18:31:41

Start-Stop Mechanism for Next Year’s Chrysler 200

Chrysler 200 pic

Fuel expenses of next Chrysler 200 owners will be cut starting from autumn.

Technology which controls engine run will be introduced to the vehicle line-up during the first autumn month. It is generally referred to for more effective fuel consumption and less pollution. The American company debuted with the mechanism when it released Ram pickups and now wants to extend it to Chrysler 200.

Idle engine run will be the signal for the device to stop feeding fuel to propulsion and the latter will restart the second the car is lifted from brake. At a physical level start-stop consists of an accumulator and a kind of alternator serving both to generate current and switch on the engine. Chrysler has not disclosed whether the mechanism will come with a standard package for the next release. Currently it is not available in any modification.

The first model to adopt the technology gained an economy opportunity at 1-mpg level. This figure promises to improve due to better aerodynamics characteristics of the next Chrysler 200. At the moment, the current V4 variant lasts for 23 mpg within city borders and 36 mpg on the country road while its six-cylinder counterpart offers 4 mpg less at each of cycles.

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