2017-08-31 13:50:06

Dodge Charger and Challenger Hellcats Faced A Recall

Dodge Charger pic

Dodge issued a recall for 1,299 Charger and Challenger Hellcats because they might be prone to a “rapid loss of engine oil”.

NHTSA says that the issued cars feature faulty engine oil cooler lines produced from the material that does not meet FCA regulations. If there is a problem, the driver may face impaired visibility because of the oil spray on the windshield, engine seizure or even a potential risk of fire because of the engine oil contacting a hot surface.

The serious issue touches this year’s Hellcats manufactured between February 6th and May 30th. FCA did not get any reports of injuries or accidents related to the problem. Customers with the vehicles under consideration will get notifications of the issue next month. They will have a chance to schedule a service appointment with the dealer to fix the problem. The fix will come for free. Dealers will change the oil cooler lines in the affected cars.

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