2017-03-13 23:46:45

70 Years of Enzo Ferrari

70 Years of Enzo Ferrari pic

Ferrari is celebrating 70 years of sports vehicle heritage. 70 years ago on March 12 Enzo Ferrari, the CEO and founder, fired the 1st offering to bear his name – the 125 S – and made a test drive in Maranello.

The 125 S was the 1st sports vehicle with the company’s badge. It is equipped a twelve-cylinder motor created by Gioacchino Colombo and engineers Giuseppe Busso and Luigi Bazzi. In 2 months after the car’s 1st run, the vehicle made its 1st truck appearance at the Piacenza Circuit on May 11.

The producer from Italy has shot a special video to commemorate the moment. It has officially presented the latest LaFerrari Aptera. It will be the centrepiece for the celebrations. The convertible will be equipped with the identical twelve-cylinder unit and 120 kW/h electric motor that is available in the LaFerrari coupe. In such a way, the total output equals 949 hp.

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