2017-05-30 15:04:02

70th Anniversary Of Ferrari

70th Anniversary Of Ferrari pic

Ferrari celebrates its 70th anniversary this year. The company decided to expand its official museum. The exhibition spaces were enlarged with a new wing stretching out on more than 600 square metres.

All that is joined to the main building by means of continuous glass facade and a new museum itinerary. Moreover, there appeared a new 300-square metre multifunctional space. This space under consideration is able to host up to 250 people for various events, educational activities and conventions.

Now, let’s get down to business. 2 new exhibitions debuted. President and CEO of Ferrari, Vice President, Director of the London Design Museum and Mayor of Maranelli city opened them.

The 1st exhibition wears name “Under the Skin”. It presents the company’s innovations. A series of exceptional vehicles are displayed. The exhibition starts with the 125 S, the brand’s first vehicle.  

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