2017-12-26 22:55:13

Ferrari 360 Limo Could Be Sold For $104,400 Bid On eBay

Ferrari 360 Modena pic

This unit has had more owners than the quantity of doors. The Modena had 9 owners throughout its life. It has 6 doors.

The prom-ready Ferrari 360 from 2003 was ready to become yours not long ago on eBay. It generated 15 bids. The highest bid stood at $104,400. The rarest Ferrari limo around the globe has not found its new owner, though.

At one point the unit was marketed for $98,650. It had 47,490 km then. The reports suggest that now the unit has 51,178 km. The car boasts 2 sunroofs and a fully open section.

The sum that was offered for the car equals to the price of a standard 360 Modena that has not been transformed into a limo.

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