2018-07-02 21:54:19

Ferrari returns one and a half thousand cars for repairs

Ferrari California T pic

In United States begins a revocable campaign from Ferrari.

It is reported that repairs are needed for 1,507 cars, including California, 458 Italia (+ Spider), FF and F12berlinetta. The reason for the recall in the company is called the problem with airbags from Takata.

We are responding to the Ferrari California 2009-2013, 458 Italia 2010-2013, FF 2012-2013 and F12berlinetta 2013. Regarding the accidents associated with this defect, the Italians do not disclose.

Recall that the airbags from Takata are poorly opened and "fired" with metal pieces. For the first time the problem became known 5 years ago. A very large revocable campaign was launched around the world, affecting just over 3 million cars. The recall continues to this day, affecting, in total, about 69 million machines around the world.

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